Our Company

Fermex Solutions LLP got registration on 14 march 2016 by three passionate Engineers. Their story began in 2008  when they were working together. Their passion for fermentation and enthusiasm for the development of equipment with new technologies and methods brought them together and launched Fermex Solutions LLP. At fermex, we use our skills and techniques for the manufacturing of the Best quality Fermenters which are accessible and in range for all, whether it’s a Startup or a University College or a Renowned company or Research institute. You just wish and we can customize it for you. They have always believed that Equipment must be upgraded as per clients requirement/feedback because at the end they are the one who is using this equipment on grounds and can give us real-time performance feedback. Equipment must be user-friendly and caters to their daily needs for the process.

We proudly introduce ourselves as a fermentation expert. Engineers at Fermex have vast experience in the field of fermentation (fermenter designing, process optimization, and innovation in fermentation systems). Our team consists of young dynamic and skilled professionals in the field of Biotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, and Automation. Our company is well versed with bioprocessing and together with engineers from other streams we make the best equipment in the industry for your use. Our Fermenters are technologically advanced, User-friendly, Compact, Result-Oriented, and Economical in outlay. We have mammoth experience of handling projects from initial contact with customers to understand their exact bioprocess requirement till successfully running trial batches at client’s facility which includes Designing, 3D simulations for Client’s site along with Fermenters and utilities final placement, Complete Automation of the project and Finally Commissioning of the projects.

Customer Commitment

Our Motto is not just selling the equipment but also to guide our clients in the best possible ways. For us, Client satisfaction is our best asset and our best tool for Growth. We always try to provide the best economic solutions to our clients, under the guidance and supervision of our founders and other Senior management of Fermex.


  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management.
  • ISO 3690:2012 –  welding and allied processes.
  • ISO 10002:2014 – process of complaints handling related to products within the organization.
  • ISO 14001:2015 – environmental management system. 
  • CE-3850 – distribute our product within European Union countries. 
  • WHO-GMP – quality assurance for medicinal products.