Cleaning In Place (CIP)

Fermex designed CIP (Cleaning-in-place) system for continual internal cleaning without the disassembly of equipment. Most commonly CIP system is used for the cleaning of fermenters, vessels, bioreactors and other products. Our CIP system is an asset for the industries that required CIP & a high level of cleanliness or sanitation, where CIP is an integral part of the process such as: – biotech, pharmaceutical, dairy, beverage or brewery, & cosmetics, including processed food Industries.The designing & cleaning process of our CIP system is based on the cleaning principle of TACT where, ‘T’ indicates Time, ‘A’ indicates Action, ‘C’ indicates Chemical & ‘T’ indicates Temperature respectively.


Feature of Fermex Multi-use Automated CIP system:-

  • Reproducible, Repeatable and Controllable Results
  • Reduction of Cleaning Time
  • Automatic cycles ensure each item is cleaned every time
  • Increased productivity through reduction of downtime
  • Follows the GMP Procedures
  • Produce clean and Sterile Products
  • Reduced the use of chemicals
  • Different types of spray balls are available for cleaning application