Electric Steam Generator

For your disinfection, Sterilization, and temperature control you need FERMEX eSTG, FERMEX eSTG is one of the electric boiler products for its nice design and technology of FERMEX. eSTG steam generators provide steady and clean steam using an electrical heating system as a source of heating. FERMEX eSTG, the electrical heating boiler is an intelligent and clean machine whose safety characteristics will meet your requirements. FERMEX eSTG electrical heating boiler’s power is from 6KW to 24 KW.


The water tank, water pump, pressure gauges as such elements are all installed in the steam generator in such a way that your precious spaces will be immensely saved. The boiler is fully controlled, and all the heating elements and other electric elements are of standard make components. A small footprint enables very little space consumption in your laboratory. The boiler is delivered to the site, assembled, tested and ready for installation.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 10Kg/hr to 70 Kg/hr


Type: Electric, Non-IBR

Portability: Yes, with Caster Wheels

All Parts Tank and Pipeline: SS 304

Tank Capacity: As per Design

Water Level, Pressure & Heater Cut Off Control: Automatic

Power Input: 3 Phase