Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Fermex Exhaust Gas Analyzer consists of best quality Drager, Germany make CO2 and O2 sensor to analyze the amount of oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production in the outlet gas from the bioreactor or fermenter. They are designed for real-time monitoring of CO2 and O2 which is a valuable tool for the measurement of respiration rate within the fermenter. Exhaust gas monitoring is a powerful tool for process control and troubleshooting at all scales of fermentation and can improve productivity by indicating the consumption of O2 and the production of CO2. Any deviation from the optimal metabolism of the micro-organism will be reflected in the ratio between production  of  carbon dioxide  and consumption of oxygen – the so-called respiratory quotient (RQ) which can be monitored in real-time and can be stored in data logs for future batch to batch analysis. Fermex Exhaust Gas Analyzer is an asset for any Biotech & Biopharma industry.


Technical Specifications:

Model – BioeGA7
Sensor – IR, Zr-O2 Sensor
Type – Automatic
CO2 – 0-10% Vol.
O2 – 0.1 to 25% Vol