Glass Autoclavable Laboratory Fermenters & Bioreactors

Capacity : 1L to 12L
Industry : Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry, Research Institutes, University

Fermex has earned a reputation of being one of the Best Laboratory Fermenter Manufacturer in India. Fermex Autoclavable Fermenters & Bioreactors are ideal tools for researchers who start fermentation studies and for those applications where small or medium volumes are required. Fermex BioFMA series fermenters and bioreactors are compact in design, to save space in the laboratory with exceptional performance. Fermex Autoclavable fermenters and bioreactors are made up of high quality materials like Borosilicate glass and SS-316L. BioFMA Series provides sterile conditions for culture growth. Our control system and SCADA software complies to FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Customized controls are available (Basic, Semi, and Fully Automatic). Due to the modular design, & smaller footprint the reactors can be used for a variety of applications, including microbial and yeast fermentation, cell cultures, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Autoclavable
Design Code: ASME BPE-2019
Temperature: 0 to 140 °C
pH: 2 to 14
DO2: 0-100%
MOC: Borosilicate Glass & SS 316L
Automation Grade: Manual, Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic
Surface Finish: Inner surface 420 grit mirror-finished Ra 0.25-0.5μm and External 180 grit matt finish


  • Top driven agitator (single mechanical seal or magnetic drive) with Rushton Turbine impellers.
  • Automated control of process parameters like Aeration, Temperature, Foaming, Pressure, pH, DO, etc. Automatic aeration control through MFC for multiple gases also.
  • Feed addition through precise flow control with peristaltic pumps for accuracy of feeding.
  • PLC-based panels are provided with a color touch screen HMI to provide the operator with monitoring and control of various parameters.
  • All wet parts are made of SS316 and borosilicate glass and non-wet parts are made of SS304.
  • Mobile App/web server is provided for data monitoring purposes.
  • Alarms SMS alert on mobile is provided.
  • Reserve data logging with SCADA software is also provided so that no important data of the batch is lost out.


  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Automatic pH Control
  • Automatic Foaming Control
  • Automatic Nutrient Feeding Control
  • Automatic Agitation Control
  • Aeration Control through rotameter/MFC
  • Automatic Redox Monitoring & Control
  • Automatic OD/Turbidity Measurement
  • Automatic DO Control (Cascade Control)
  • Automatic Back Pressure Monitoring
  • Mobile Application
  • SMS Alert Facility
  • Control Panel – Independent / Combined
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)


Scada Software

BioSCX SCADA Software

ph-sensor and transmitter

pH Sensor & Transmitter

turbidity sensor & transmitter

Turbidity Sensor & Transmitter

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Redox Sensor Transmitter

Redox Sensor & Transmitter

Foam Sensor

Foam Sensor

DO2 sensor Transmitter

DO2 Sensor & Transmitter

chiller with temp

Chiller Circulator