High Pressure Reactor

The Fermex High Pressure Reactor is used to carry hydrothermal reactions at high pressure and high temperature. Our Reactor is mainly made up of high-quality pharma grade stainless steel SS316 which has excellent corrosion resistance to most organic acid systems like acetic, formic acid, ammonia compounds, many salts except chlorides & most commercial gases at moderate temperature & pressures. Fermex High Pressure Reactor is extensively used in the scientific laboratory, research and development labs, institutional organizations, quality analysis section in industries, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Model: BioHTX

Capacity: 1001000ml

MOC: Pharma Grade SS316

Pressure Range: 0-0.5 MPa / up to 80 psi

Ports on Head Plate:

Gas Inlet

Gas Outlet

Pressure Gauge

Temperature Gauge

With Pressure Gauge 0-100 psi

Accessories for High Pressure Vessel:

High Pressure Inlet Gas Valve

High Pressure Outlet Gas valve


Temperature Gauge 0-100 deg. C



High Pressure Reactor

High Pressure Reactor