Photobioreactor | Industrial Scale

Capacity : 1000L
Industry : Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry, Agriculture Industry, Waste Management Industry, Research Institutes

Fermex Industrial-scale Photobioreactors are compact, user-friendly bioreactors use vertical tubular design offers high ratio of surface Area/Volume, low contamination risk and high biomass productivity. Therefore, they are suitable for the large-scale cultivation of micro-algae. Vertical tubular PBRs consist of transparent vertical tubes to allow maximum light penetration. Our Industrial-scale PBR series offer efficient mixing with high gas transfer rates and have excellent control over required growth conditions. All the equipment used to manufacture PBR is made up of best grades material like Borosilicate glass and SS316L, with customized controls. Fermex Vertical tubular PBR series is available up to 1000L and can produce high-quality complex bio-products by allowing single-strain cultivation.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Autoclavable

Design Code: ASME BPE-2019

Temperature: 0 to 150 °C

pH: 2 to 14

MOC: Borosilicate Glass & SS316L

Automation Grade: Manual, Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic

Surface Finish: Inner surface 420 grit mirror-polished Ra0.5 μm


  • Better control of CO2/O2 transfer.
  • Automatic ambient light/time-based illumination control system.
  • Automated controls of process parameters like aeration, temperature, foaming, pH, DO, pressure regulation, gas monitoring, etc.
  • SCADA system with data logging for batch process control is also provided.
  • Homogeneous shear.
  • Easy to sterilize, low fouling.
  • Good gas mixing.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • High potential for scalability.
  • Reduces photo-inhibition and photo-oxidation.
  • High photosynthetic efficiency.
  • Customized Photo Bioreactor is available with easy maintenance and simple use.


  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Automatic pH Control
  • Automatic DO Cascade Control with RPM & Air Flow Rate
  • Automatic Foaming Control
  • Aeration Control through rotameter/MFC
  • Automatic Nutrient Feeding Control
  • Automatic Redox Monitoring & Control
  • Automatic Exhaust Gas Pressure Monitoring & Control
  • Automatic OD/Turbidity Measurement
  • Automatic Sterlization control
  • Automatic Agitation Control
  • Batch Recipe System
  • SMS Alert Facility
  • Mobile Application
  • Control Panel – Independent / Combined
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)


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Scada Software

BioSCX SCADA Software

Scada Software

BioSCX SCADA Software