Solid State Fermenters | Industrial Scale

Capacity : 750L to 5000L
Industry : Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry, Agriculture Industry, Waste Management Industry

Fermex BioSFXL SSF provides better yield and economic feasibility. BioSFXL series can directly convert solid substrates into high-value products by treating them with microorganisms resulting in the production of enzymes and secondary metabolites. BioSFXL series range from 750-5000L with customized controls. The material used for manufacturing SSF is SS316L for wet parts & SS304 for non-wet parts. It is used in many industries including fertilizers, pharma and food.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Sterilization in Place (SIP)

Design Code: ASME BPE-2019

Temperature: 0 to 150 °C

Humidity Control: 0 to 100%

MOC: SS 316L

Automation Grade: Manual, Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic

Surface Finish: Inner surface 220-420 grit mirror-finished Ra 0.25-0.5 μm and External 180 grit matt finish


  • Used in traditional food production and enzyme production.
  • Automated control of process parameters like Aeration, temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Agitation is provided through a single mechanical dry seal with PLC-controlled VFD.
  • Feed addition through precise flow control valves for accuracy of feeding.
  • We offer a range of customized impellers in our SSFs to suit process requirements.
  • Automatic humidity control.


  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Aeration Control through rotameter/MFC
  • Automatic Nutrient Feeding Control
  • Automatic Exhaust Gas Pressure Monitoring & Control
  • Gas Mixing Control
  • Humidity Control
  • Control Panel – Independent / Combined


Scada Software

BioSCX SCADA Software

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Exhaust Gas Analyzer

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