Solvent Extraction Plant

Fermex BioPTX  is a pilot scale Solvent Extraction and integrated distillation system. It has all high quality components and is made up to high Quality SS-316L steel with wet parts coated with Inconel alloy for high temperature, high pH and harsh conditions resistance. Fermex SEP has a lot of energy conservation opportunities such as steam, water, and power.

BioPTX has V.F.D. (Variable frequency drive) installed for some major pumps and at the extractor drive to reduce power. Some modifications in the pipelines of condenser water and cooling tower water may help to reduce water consumption. BioPTX steam distribution is composed of P.R.V. (Pressure Reducing Valve) and Thermocouples in heaters with PLC Control which helps to reduce steam consumption.

Our system can be customized to suit client’s requirements.