BioSCX SCADA Software

Fermex BioSCX SCADA is a system of Software and Hardware elements that allows industrial organizations to control fermenter and bioreactor processes locally or at remote locations. It monitors, gathers and processes real-time data & records events into a log file. Our SCADA system directly interacts with devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors, and more through a human-machine interface known as HMI software. Our SCADA software comprising computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces (GUI) for high-level process supervisory management, while also comprising other peripheral devices like programmable logic controllers (PLC) and discrete proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers to interface with process plant or machinery.


Fermex BioSCX SCADA Software composed of the following features:-

  • Display of all parameters of all reactors on the same page with pop-up set point window
  • Display of minute-wise updates of all configured parameters.
  • Error display and control page.
  • Feed pump configuration page – pump calibration; pulse width; feed volume;  etc details.
  • Acid/alkali/antifoam pump page – pump on /off and status configuration.
  • Controller configuration page- PID, valve opening, high setpoints, low setpoints, etc. configuration.
  • History display of the changes effected during the batch progress – password protection.
  • Report Manager – daily/batch-wise datasheet of all parameters on hourly execution basis.
  • The alarm for all parameters/valves depends on the conditions and set point deviations.
  • Data acquisition for all parameters.
  • Remote controlled from a Remote PC.
  • Plotting and display of up to 10 process variables for on-line or off-line values.
  • Data Export of finished or active batches can be further processed by 3rd party software (e.g. Excel).
  • Comparison of the current batch with old batches up to 5 previous batches.
  • The SCADA Software will be given with a Personalized Serial Number (ID) or Hardware Lock.