The installation training focuses on several aspects of operating and maintaining bioreactors and fermenters system:

  • Ideal use and comprehension of bioreactors and fermenters.
  • The do’s and dont’s of working, cleaning and maintenance of bioreactors and fermenters.
  • Onsite training for the operators for changing consumables/small spare parts.

Training on SCADA Software

The SCADA part of the fermenters and bioreactors system is used to turn process data into useful information. Understanding and mastering the capabilities of these systems will save a lot of time in post-cultivation data processing.

The advanced process control training focuses on defining process control loops and tuning PID process controllers. During the SCADA training, process automation is demonstrated using different time and event based actions. Customized training can be organized on demand in order to focus on your specific process challenges. These training modules can be held in your facility for a private training session, or in a central location near you for general access.


1 Year standard warranty is being provided on equipment. Third Party component standard warranty applicable on brought out items.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) after warranty

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)  is being provided on all of our equipment. Visiting charges for the engineer is minimal and he is carrying out all kinds of maintenance required for fermenter and bioreactor such as scheduled maintenance, preventive maintenance, and breakdown maintenance, which includes cleaning, calibration, and operation of equipment along with software up-gradation.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) after warranty

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) is also available on all of our equipment. There will be no visiting charges for the engineer and he will carry out all kinds of maintenance requirements for fermenters and bioreactor such as schedule maintenance Preventive maintenance & breakdown maintenance which includes cleaning, calibration and operation of equipment, along with the change of consumable part / spare part that requires free of cost. We will also provide free up-gradation on software and 24×7 customer support through the online ticket system.

Relocation Service

Fermex Solutions understands the client’s requirements very well. In the past few years, the fermentation industry has shown tremendous growth and in order to cater to the requirement of the growing fermentation industry we have come up with  Relocation services where we pay special attention to Industry standards, guidelines, downtime and production loss in the whole process. We make sure that our reinstallation team works closely with you and finishes the process as soon as possible. All the necessary inspection of parameters of equipment is taken care of. The reinstallation process is swiftly carried and the same tests are being conducted before the equipment is handed over to the client in working condition. Relocation services are very cost-effective and economic to cater to every industry.

Retrofitting Service

With our expert designs, your fermenter/bioreactor is kept going for a long time. After numerous long stretches of utilization, you might need to consider an upgrade in the equipment. We at Fermex can provide you all kinds of upgrades/customization as per your bioprocess requirement and in no time new equipment is ready. We are not only providing upgrades to our equipment but also for other makers as well.

Process Consultancy

We provide expert advice and strategic solutions to turn bioprocess ideas into reality.

24×7 Customer Support

We are available  24×7 for your help and support.