Process Vessel

Fermex BioPV is designed to handle pressure, temperature and these vessels are used in all types of industries. BioPV is made of SS316, ranging from 50L to 5000L. Fermex Process Vessels are used for various functions such as media or buffer preparation, inactivation, PEGylation, emulsification, or any other requirement.


  • Cleanable and Sterilizable in place.
  • Top Driven with Mechanical Seal/Bottom-driven magnetic mixed with variable speed control.
  • Automatic speed control to prevent the dry run of the agitator.
  • Accurate level control with staged WFI addition through the pilot valve.
  • Vessels may be fixed or mobile with the provision of castor wheels.
  • Provision of Hoppers for the addition of powders for media preparation.
  • Agitator control for minimum batch mixing volume.
  • Resterilizable Sampling and harvest valve.


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