Ribbon Mixer

Fermex BioRB Ribbon Mixer is equipped with a powerful drive to mix the contents efficiently in a pretty short time. Our BioRB series  Ribbon Mixer has contact parts that are made up of SS 316 material and it has specially designed double vortex blades for efficient and faster mixing than any single blade Ribbon mixer available in the market. Optional liquid spraying system and in place sterilization with steam is available on request. Our BioRB ranges from 20Kg to 1000Kg. Fermex Ribbon Mixers are widely used for mixing dry powder and granule.


Technical Specifications:

MOC: SS 316L (Wet part)

Shaft Support: Bearings

Support Frame: IS 2062, Heavy Duty ISMC

Bottom Discharge: Manual

Gland Packing: Teflon

Surface Finish: Inner surface 240 grit mirror-finished and External matt finish


  • Horizontal, single shaft with double, proportioned ribbon is housed in the tubular mixing drum.
  • The vortex ribbon rotates with the main shaft and thus brings material movement towards the direction of the vortex ribbon.
  • The Vortex structure of the outer ribbon combines with the rotation of main shaft drive material to the discharge outlet.
  • The Vortex outer ribbon combined with rotation direction drive material from two ends to center; at the same time, inner ribbon drive material from center to two ends.
  • Materials are evenly mixed in the shortest time.


Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Mixer